<For short-term international students>

The university will help to arrange a private rental apartment for short-term international students. The rent is around 25,000~45,000 yen per month.

<For Undergraduate and graduate international students>

[Kitagata Campus] 

There is no student dormitory on the Kitagata Campus. Undergraduate and graduate international students will need to make their own arrangements to rent lodgings or an apartment privately near the university. Rent is usually around 25,000-30,000 yen.

You will need a guarantor for your lodging/apartment rental contract; most international students use a private sector guarantee company. If you use a private sector guarantee company, the International Student Support Society will provide a grant to cover part of the fee.

Money required when concluding a contract to rent lodgings or an apartment (the precise conditions vary, depending on the property)

  • Deposit: This sum is held as collateral and is used to cover the cost of any repairs needed when you move out. Equivalent to 1-3 months’ rent.
  • Realtor’s fee: Fee paid to the real estate agent. Equivalent to 1 month’s rent.
  • First month’s rent

Paid every month

  • Rent
  • Common service fee: Contribution to cleaning and electricity costs in areas used by all tenants. In some cases, this is included in the rent.
  • Utility costs: Charges for electricity, gas, and water supply and sewerage, etc.

[Hibikino Campus] 

It is possible to move into the University of Kitakyushu’s International House, which is located within the campus. Each room is furnished with equipment necessary for living, such as a study desk, a refrigerator, and a private bathroom.  The rent is 5,000 yen for a single room and 10,500 yen for a room suitable for a family. Additional payment of 4,000 yen is necessary for utilities and equipment in commonly used area.


*Apply for the International House at the International Student Support Center (Hibikino Campus).

There are also apartment complex for international students (“Sakura House”) within the campus which are operated by the City of Kitakyushu. The Sakura House rooms are made available to graduate students.