Immigration  Services

Immigration Services


[Obtaining Your Status of Residence]

When coming to Japan from overseas for the first time, you will need to obtain an international student visa before entering the country. In order to obtain your visa, you must take your Certificate of Eligibility and passport to the nearest Embassy of Japan or Consulate-General of Japan in order to submit your application.

On behalf of those who intend to become international students at the university and are currently living overseas, the Center for International Education and Exchange will apply to the Immigration Bureau of Japan for the issue of a Certificate of Eligibility. Once your admission has been confirmed, please submit the following documents to the Center. Please note that it takes at least a month for the Certificate of Eligibility to be issued after an application has been submitted.

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility (the form can be obtained here)
  • Photocopy of your admission permit
  • Photocopy of the page in your passport showing your photograph
  • Document certifying your ability to pay all expenses while in Japan (certificate of account balance from your bank, etc.)
  • 1 photograph of the applicant (40 mm long by 30 mm wide)

Students applying for Hibikino Campus should follow the instructions given at the time of admission procedure to find where to submit those documents.

[Submitting a Change of Residence Notification]

  • You must carry your residence card or Alien Registration Certificate with you at all times.
  • If your address changes, you must go to your local ward office within 14 days of the change in order to notify them of that change.
  • If you have moved to the area from outside City of Kitakyushu or from somewhere other than the ward in which your previous address was registered, you must immediately notify the ward office with jurisdiction over your new address, as soon as you know your new address.

* Following the revision of the law on July 9, 2012, the alien registration system has been abolished, so a new residence card will be issued. For the time being, the existing Alien Registration Certificate is being viewed as a residence card.

For further information about the new residence management system, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau.

[Extension of Period of Stay]

If you are to continue to stay in Japan beyond the permitted period of stay, you need to apply for the extension of the periods of stay. Please submit the following items to the center for the International Education and Exchange. Students in Hibikino Campus should talk to the staff of the International Student Support Center.

[Documents to be Submitted to the Center  for International Education and Exchange]

  • (1)Application for Extension of Period of Stay
  • (2)Passport (original)
  • (3)Residence Card or Alien Registration Certificate (original)

* New entrants should also submit letter of acceptance issued by this university.

Even if there is time remaining on your international student visa, you are not permitted to remain in Japan on an international student visa once you have graduated, successfully completed your course, or withdrawn from university.

[Documents to be Submitted to the Immigration Bureau]

  • (1)Application for Extension of Period of Stay (the form can be obtained here)
  • (2)Certificate of Enrollment
  • (3)Certificate of Academic Record (in the case of research students, a certificate providing details of their research)
  • (4)Passport
  • (5)Residence Card or Alien Registration Certificate (original)
  • (6)A revenue stamp when receiving the visa renewal (4,000 yen)

(New entrants will require their admission permit issued by this university, instead of items (2) and (3) above; they will also require a certificate of academic record and a graduation certificate from the Japanese language school or school in their home country at which they were previously enrolled.)

[Part-Time Jobs and Work Permit]

If international students wish to engage in casual work, they must first obtain a “permit to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” from the immigration bureau with jurisdiction over their place of residence. Please ensure that you do not start any casual work until you have received permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted.

Based on the amendment of “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” as of July 1st 2010, it is not required to obtain the “Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” for educational and research assistant work including teaching and student assistant. However, considering various situations, it is highly recommended to obtain the “Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted”. 

[Documentation Required]

  • (1)Application for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (the form can be obtained here)
  • (2)Passport
  • (3)Residence Card or Alien Registration Certificate (original)

[Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau Kitakyushu Branch Office]

3F, Kokura Joint Government Building, 5-3 Jonai, Kokura-Kita-ku, City of Kitakyushu
Tel: 093-582-6915
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 16:00