Procedures Before Returning Home

Procedures Before Returning Home

[Notification of Moving Overseas, Settlement of Outstanding National Health Insurance Premiums]

Between 2 weeks and 1 month before returning home, please visit the National Health Insurance and Pension Division at your local ward office to return your National Health Insurance card. When you go there, please also submit a notification of moving overseas and settle any outstanding National Health Insurance premiums. When completing these procedures, please bring your residence card or Alien Registration Certificate, your National Health Insurance card, and your National Health Insurance premium payment book.


[Returning Your Residence Card or Alien Registration Certificate]

Please obtain the seal of verification of departure and return your card/certificate at the airport from which you are departing.


[Moving Out of Your Lodgings/Apartment]

When you intend to move out, please ensure that you give the required amount of notice by a designated date (usually 1-2 months before moving out). Please take care, as you may be required to pay the extra sum if you are late in providing notice.


[Cancellation of Contracts for Electricity, Gas, Water, Cellphone, and Internet, etc.]

Please ensure that you complete the necessary procedures for canceling your contracts for electricity, gas, water, telephone, etc. without fail. Once your moving-out date has been confirmed, please contact your electricity, gas, water, telephone, cellphone, and internet companies, and confirm with them how to make the necessary payments.